Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

A different type of hackathon.

October 12-14, 2018
Brooklyn Expo Center, New York
1000 Hackers, 36 hours
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We set out to redesign the hackathon with a focus on three key areas.

1. An emphasis on experienced hackers

Experience doesn’t mean you’re the hackathon expert. Experience can come in the form of research, an internship, a cool side project, or pretty much anything else. What experience means is we’re not designing Totality around learning how to code. This means we’ll dedicate our workshops and mentorship resources to advanced topics from machine learning techniques to the role of tech in society to some surprises we can’t wait to share.

2. A seamless event experience

Totality is run purely by college students, completely independent of any university giving us 100% organizational flexibility. We’re seizing this opportunity to run Totality like a hackathon was meant to be. Not like a conference. Not like a meet-up. Not like an employee payroll system. This will show through in our side events the custom technology automating everything about your experience from the moment you apply to when you leave the expo center.

3. New York City

Being university independent allowed us to not ask where on campus can we do this event, but where in the nation can we do this event. A nationwide search led us to the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York. New York is easily accessible from most major universities on the east coast by public transit and we’ll be sending busses to many universities. Moreover, New York is New York; the whole city is the hackathon’s playground.


Priority Deadline: July 13
Regular Deadline: August 24

We've also published a full admissions guide detailing what we look for in an application.


New York is easily reachable from most schools on the east coast via bus or train. Moreover, we’ll be sending busses to many schools and will do our best to reimburse travel for those not coming from one of these schools. Along with your decision, you'll also receive a suggested mode of transportation and any applicable reimbursement.


Sponsoring Totality allows us to put on an event that empowers hackers to be hackers. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring Totality, please email